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We hope you choose to help us build an organization dedicated to benefiting our nation’s first responders. First responders put societal safety above their own. They are the first to respond to an emergency and many owe our lives, the lives of loved ones, or our treasured homes to them. 

When you click the Support First Responders button you will be directed to our crowdfunding campaign created to help our organization create infrastructure and develop the resources needed to to support our Fire, Police, EMTs and Dispatch. Thank you from the OneGoat Team

Why did we start OneGoat?

First Responders are in need of Critical Gap Funding when injured or their families are dealing with a loss. There is a need for this type of funding due to the financial and physical challenges facing first responders when tragedy strikes. Here are a just some examples of why we need to help first responders with critical gap funding.

  • Even minor injuries can disrupt first responders’ lives because they can only work when they’re 100% healthy
  • Their workman’s compensation can be delayed significantly depending on the nature of the injury.
  • Physical/mental therapy is costly, usually delayed, and often isn’t even covered. 
  • First responders are more susceptible to cancers, physical injuries, and mental health challenges. 

It’s time they get the needed help they deserve. There is so much to do to help first responders and their families, and that is the OneGoat’s purpose.

Our promis is to provide first responders with the critical gap funding when and where they need it most. 

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