OneGoat Board of Directors

OneGoat’s Board of Directors are passionate about supporting our nation’s First Responders. We are dedicated to drive the mission of building a National Endowment Fund for the purpose of supporting the needs of First Responder Foundations across the country.

Here is OneGoat’s distinguished Board of Directors and Advisors.

Michael Papi
Michael PapiBoard Chair
Steve Fox
Steve FoxExecutive Committee
Bruce Emberley
Bruce EmberleyExecutive Committee
Kevin Knaust
Kevin KnaustExecutive Committee
Jon Adams
Jon AdamsExecutive Committee
DTExecutive Committee
Elise Igoe
Elise IgoeAdvisory Committee
Maureen Walker
Maureen WalkerAdvisory Committee
Melissa Kerr
Melissa KerrAdvisory Committee
Kaitlyn Keith
Kaitlyn KeithAdvisory Committee
Eric Boten
Eric BotenAdvisory Committee
MooseOur Mascot