OneGoat Foundation Matches $5,000 to Support N95 Mask Campaign for First Responders

Today OneGoat Foundation committed two $5000 matching contributions to support a local campaign to provide N95 masks to first responders in Douglas County and other Colorado agencies. The Colorado First Responders N95 Mask Drive aims to donate at least 10,000 N95 masks to the first responders protecting Coloradans during this worldwide pandemic. The campaign was started by Justin Daigle of Castle Rock.

The OneGoat Foundation’s support of the Colorado First Responders N95 Mask Drive backs the organization’s mission to help America’s first responders. We are dedicated to ensuring that the men and women who selflessly serve and protect Americans have the resources they need to safely do their work.

The OneGoat Foundation was designed for this kind of connection and support by making donations, and by sharing this campaign with friends and family. We can connect people who want to make a difference and do their part during this time of challenge for our communities.

Why is this so important? N95 masks are respirator safety devices that filter out small particles, including bacteria and viruses. The masks are critical protection for medical professionals and COVID-19 first responders. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a worldwide shortage of critical personal protection equipment (PPE), making affordable access to all types of PPE a challenge for COVID-19 first responders.

Click here to donate and learn more about the Colorado First Responder N95 Mask Drive. And stay tuned for an updated link showing the Fox 31 Business interview with Justin Daigle, organizer of the mask drive.